As the most advanced nation in the world, Madeleine believes every person has a right to affordable, accessible, quality healthcare.

Madeleine believes healthcare is a right. Every person deserves to be able to have access to affordable, quality, and comprehensive healthcare. The Affordable Care Act started this process. Madeleine wants to work in Congress to support universal healthcare that is economically balanced to fulfill the promise that our government made in 2010.

Madeleine will not abandon Montgomery County's seniors. She will make sure that those who have dutifully paid into our security net have access to Social Security and Medicare in their retirement. She will work to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare, and defend against attacks to these programs in the name of more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Madeleine stands unequivocally with women in their right to control their own bodies. She believes safe, accessible, quality reproductive health is a fundamental right and need of our communities. As a member of the Women’s Health Caucus and an appointee to Governor Tom Wolf’s Commission for Women, Madeleine has helped ensure that a woman’s right to choose is protected and will continue to protect any and all attacks to Roe V Wade as a member of Congress.


Economy & Infrastructure

Madeleine knows strong economies and healthy communities are built on solid infrastructure.

Our bridges, roads, and transportation systems--airports, rail, and ports--need to be modernized to keep our travelers safe, our economy on time, and attract businesses looking to invest in Montgomery County and Pennsylvania. Especially businesses in growing industries like technology and green energy.

The people that build this better future are integral to its success, ensuring our workers are fairly compensated with a livable, $15 minimum wage, and well trained, supporting organized labor whenever possible. This includes guaranteeing unions the right to organize and represent their members without having to face restrictions or attack from misguided legislation.

And we must fix the irresponsible tax plan Republican Congress recently passed. A plan that slashed deductions for hard working people and in the end will force many of us to pay more -- so we can finance a tax break for the rich and powerful.  Instead, we need a tax plan that benefits low and blue-collar workers, with the ultra wealthy paying their fair share.


Addressing the Gun Violence Epidemic

Lawmakers afraid of the NRA have failed our nation and the people they serve. It is past time to confront gun violence as a public health crisis.

After the shooting in Sandy Hook, Madeleine co-founded the gun safety group PA SAFE Caucus authoring legislation for universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and a ban on “bump stocks.” In Congress, Madeleine will help pass common sense legislation to make sure weapons of war cannot be used to kill innocent people, and repeal federal laws that bar funding for research on gun violence as a public health issue. Enough is enough.


Solving the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has exploded over the past few years—killing 64,000 people last year in America--we are only beginning to see it for what it is: a disease that we must treat with robust funding for programs, research and education; punishment for the people and industries that profit from addiction; and compassion for those it afflicts.


Ending Sexual Assault

We must end the culture that enables and covers-up sexual harassment, including in the government. This is a scourge that must be stopped and we all have the power to stand up. Madeleine will stand up in Congress to take actions that empower the victims and punish the harasser. Sexual harassment reforms are needed throughout the nation, and it is time that elected leaders lead by example, rather than being the exception to it.



As a former professor, Madeleine knows that the key to a successful future is quality education.

Ensuring quality includes making sure students and educators are well supported with adequate funding, beginning with universal pre-k and robust support for Kindergarten through 12th grade, special education, college, and technical training.

And for students that choose to further their education -- they should not be burdened by life-long debt. If you can buy a car at 3% interest, then there is no reason that anyone should have to pay more for an education. If elected, Madeleine will work to cap interest rates for prospective students, and work to help students with debt to refinance at a fair rate. Students should be the ones that profit the most from their education -- not the lenders.  


Protecting our planet

Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect and preserve our environment, air, water, and land for ourselves and for the generations to come.

This means putting conservation before exploitation of our natural resources, and robustly funding organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who oversee essential regulatory practices.

The United States must be a global leader in environmental preservation. This starts with our country rejoining the Paris Environmental Agreement. Technological advancements have also made 100% renewable energies attainable within our lifetime. With governmental commitment, the rapidly growing green energy industry has the ability to stimulate our economy, create jobs, and help our environment.


empowering our diverse communities

The countless diverse communities that make up our nation--minorities, LGBTQ, immigrants, veterans, the disabled, and so many more--brings richness and completeness to our nation.

To protect this integral part of our identity, we must support programs that help all communities thrive – must and reform systems that repress. Madeleine supports broadening anti-discrimination laws, expanding and enforcing ADA requirements, and grant and tax programs that support minority, disabled, and veteran owned businesses.

We must also address issues that disproportionately impact these populations, like reforming our criminal justice system. Madeleine supports expanding successful special veteran and drug courts, ending of the cash bail system, limiting imprisonment for non-violent crimes—especially minor drug convictions – and rolling back mandatory minimum sentencing.

It has long been proven that sending people to prison for minor crimes is ineffective in deterring crime or rehabilitating people – and is enormously expensive to taxpayers

We must take steps to strengthen our legal immigration system. This includes a path to citizenship for talented people who want to be part of our country – and reinstating DACA to allow the dreamers to be able to stay in our country without fear. Like the rest of us, they should be able to live the American Dream without fear of their government.

Trade and Tariffs

We live in a global economy, but we need to craft our tariffs and trade regulations so that first and foremost they are fair to American businesses and workers. We must be sure that our tariff negotiations build stronger relationships with trusted trading partners, and hold countries that exploit or abuse international trade relations, like China, accountable.  

Businesses rely upon predictability and stability; uncertainty delays progress and cripples growth. The current administration’s inconsistent and unstructured trade policies threaten to set off an international trade war, that will harm our economy and American producers. In Congress, Madeleine will fight for thoughtful trade regulations and tariffs that will grow the U.S. economy, support American workers, build our influence on the global market, and crack down on countries and businesses that we know cheat the system.

United States and Israel Relations

The United States and Israel have had a long and prosperous history together. As our most important ally in the Middle East, we must remain dedicated to preserving the sovereignty of the Jewish state’s rightful home. This includes aiding in her defense against both financial and physical threats, and working on diplomatic final status negotiations for a peaceful resolution to conflicts in the region.